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Online Retailor Monitoring System
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Online Retailor Monitoring System

Track every online retailor across 50+ B2C platforms and notify brand manufacturers if retailer disobey the rules in real-time.

SkyScope, powered by professional and highly efficient data supply chain (iNebula® and WarpEngine®) developed by Syntun, monitor all E-commerce platforms and identify the key market signals from mass disorganized data, and broadcast E-market information for enterprise through multiple format.

  • Customizable tracking preference
  • Real time dashboard of summary data
  • Timely notification of improper behavior of retailer
  • Full scale and comprehensive analysis of improper behavior by retailer
  • Reveal the trend behind retailer operation sate
  • Personalize data export format

Product Detail

Customizable track preference

Monitor the platform to check if retailer is against brand price rule, if they follow the promotion plan or other brand regulation.


Accurate and timely summary of retailer performance

Provide daily tracking report for enterprise, by visualizing result and underlining the key violations, for brand to optimize channel management.

Efficient search and personalized data export format

Tracking data can be filtered, located and exported fast by period, category, brand, SKU, platform, retailer and shop according to specific needs.