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About Syntun

Syntun is a leading big data solution provider for e-commerce in China. The company was founded by a group of experienced data scientists, market research, technology and consulting professionals with the goal of providing global brands with high quality e-commerce big data and helping them understand the market implications and business opportunities.
Syntun is headquartered in Beijing and also has a representative office in Shanghai.



Nuode Asset Management CO., Ltd. Guyu: Learning consumption upgrade trend through Double 11

The sales revenue only took 3 minutes to reach 10 billion Yuan, after Tmall Double 11 global shopping carnival opens. The sales revenue at 13:09 this year has surpassed last year whole day sales revenue and it has reached 168.3 billion Yuan; growth rebounded for the first time in nine years and year-on-year growth 39.4 per cent. JD Double 11 global shopping festival (11/1-11) has accumulated over 127.1 billion Yuan, and the sales revenue has reached 54.4 billion Yuan on Double 11. Suning O2O shopping festival (11/1-11) whole channel GMV increased to 163%, online sales revenue rose 183%. According to Syntun, this year's total online sales reached 253.97 billion Yuan, up 43.5 percent year on year.


“New retailing” mode has spread on “Double 11”

E-commerce transactions hited a new high by the time of “Double 11” ended. Based on the figure from third party data platform Syntun shows that, this year, the total e-commerce sales of the "Double 11" have been locked up to 253.97 billion Yuan;compared with the "Double 11" in 2016 (170.87 billion Yuan), it has sharply increased by 48.63%.


Syntun: E-commerce “Double 11” sales revenue has reached 253.97 billion Yuan

“Double 11” has again has its finale this year, it has been nine years since Tmall first launched the "Double 11" promotion in 2009. Internet users' passion for buying and purchasing has ended, and businesses’ on sales promotion has finished.

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